Monday, October 17, 2011

Average Rate of Googeling, 1gs/hour

I recently found out that Google has been recording my web search history since june 21 2010. While this initially annoyed me because I remember "opting out" sometime years ago when they made a plug for it - the nicely done calendar to show the # of searches you did impressed me enough to not remove all my web history.

It turns out I have made over 12,724 Google searches since june 21, 2010 which averages out to a rate of 1.097 Google searches per hour. Note that the data were not skewed by the times I mined Google with various programs, and it didn't account for any searches done when I wasn't logged in. Also, my rate of Googling has appeared fairly constant over the years so the introduction of Google instant did not seem to skew the results.
What is your rate of Google-ing?

  1. Go here and find out your "total Google searches" and then go way back until you see when they first started to collect the data (if you Google enough this day will be obvious).
  2. Go here and calculate exactly how long it has been since they started tracking you.
  3. Finally insert the two measures into ... a Google search! like this. Note that km is a units placeholder for "Google searches" which confuses the calculator.
Leave your results in the comments - Can you beat me?
(we are going to go with the honor system here)


  1. I don't beat your rate, but I beat your number of searches.

  2. oh wow, wolfram alpha doesn't get messed up by search-units.

  3. 42255 searches from may 31, 2005 is 0.7556 searchs/hour. Note that Wolfram|Alpha can calculate the date range for you, too:

  4. Is there anything wolfram alpha can't do? Integration of really ugly analytical functions aside?

  5. Personally, it appears to be Over 9000 :)

  6. that is pretty nifty wolfram alpha.
    and sysfrog - is your googling rate over 9000? wow

  7. Oh, and over the last year, it's been 0.9275 searches per hour.