Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pretty in Pink: The Lost Track

I listen to Pandora all the time.  My main channel is called Lumps Random Radio, it contains an eclectic mix of styles.  From Classical to Heavy Metal, from New Age to Electronic, from Game and Movie Soundtracks to Celtic Music and everything in between including blends (there are some genres of music I do not listen to such as Rap and R&B and a few others but not many).  Yesterday I happened to notice the ads that where showing in my Pandora window.
For those of you who don't feel like opening the image.
The song playing is Hit The Lights by Metallica on the album Kill 'Em All.  Next to this are ads for Feeding your craving for CUTENESS (with an incredibly pink dress) and for Free Knitting Patterns and JUST FABULOUS high heel shoes.  Now ignoring the fact that I am male, the juxtaposition of these kinds of ads with a Metallica song is just bad programing for associating ads with music.  My mother noted a similar poor juxtaposition of song and ad in her post Bluegrass and Tony Bennett?

As a side note I am in fact listening to Pandora right now and since I started this post I have had a song from The Lord of The Rings soundtrack, a Celtic piece by the McDades, A track from the recent Star Trek sountrack, and trance songs from Thomas Newman, Sophie Sugar on an Armin Van Buuren album, and a remix of a song by Paul Van Dyk.  My channel is on a trancy trend at the moment. 

If anyone is interested in listening to my channel I am more than happy to share it.


  1. can we submit this to FAIL blog?

  2. I don't see who one can't listen to "Kill You All" and be in touch with their feminine side, but seeing as I do neither, there might be some important fact I'm missing?

    Also it could be a not so subtle hint for Lump to get a girlfriend.

  3. Just let me know when start getting ads for the Hebrew Home for the Aged.

  4. I wonder of those shoes come in your shoe size, Lumpy.

    And my Pi and I once saw a guy about 6ft, 250 lbs on line in Newark security wearing a similar pink dress. Maybe he shops thru Pandora?

  5. Now I have a vision of that colonel guy in Avatar, wearing a frilly pink dress and ranting that "This is freaking Pandora. You got to be tough." Or some such. I don't remember the movie too well, but I know what would have made it far more interesting.