Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Aryeh Doesn't Cook: Blue Fin Tuna Sashimi

This isn't really an Aryeh Cooks post, mainly because if it was I would have mobs of angry Japanese with pitchforks trying to kill me for cooking Sashimi grade Bluefin Tuna.  Some friends of mine told me that they where planning on going to a Japanese food mart called Mitsuwa where a few times a year they bring in a whole tuna.  In this case a 600 pound Tuna.
You can really get a feel for the size of this fish from the pieces on the board.
This is my friend Ayaka with the head and tail of the fish, you can see how big the head of the fish is in comparison to her.
And finally the piece of fish I got.
Just look at that color.
Thin slice, consumed raw.  Up to this point I have never actually eaten raw fish, so I have gone from nothing to a ton in no time flat.  As it turns out I am not a huge fan, but the texture of the fresh fish is literally melt in the mouth.  So for all of you Sushi lovers, go drool, for all you others, you can do whatever you like.


  1. As awesome as this is, you should know that bluefin tuna is in danger from overfishing.

  2. Well be that as it may if you looks Atlantic Bluefin Tuna do not grow to 600 pounds, so what I got is Pacific Bluefin Tuna which is only vulnerable.

  3. Eat em while you can, Eli.

  4. I guys,

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