Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Why Are People No Longer Interested In Amazing Things Around Them?

I was walking to class today when I noticed something totally fascinating.
This is cool and beautiful.  A melding of nature and man made.  The water is flowing on the inside of the drain pipe and when it turns the corner is doesn't separate from the pipe it sticks with it until it reaches the end and then arcs out into the air.  I decided this was so cool that I would take some pictures of it.  While I stopped to take out my camera and take the pictures a number of people walked passed without even stopping to see what I was looking out.  Are people so jaded in the world after all the 3D special effects in movies that they can't see incredible beauty in their day to day lives?

Wherever you go look around you, there will be something to marvel at, don't miss it!


  1. So I am trying to figure out why the water is flowing this way.

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