Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Combustion Man

This semester I am taking a class called Combustion.  It is a fascinating class that I am very much enjoying, however I seem to have a problem with writing my name on thing for the class.  This is what I found when I had my midterm returned to me.
I did it completely by accident, I guess I was so focused on the subject matter.  I also have a habit of not writing my name on the weekly quizzes we get in class.  When a recent quiz was returned to me my professor wrote in my name as such.
There are only four people in the class so its not difficult to figure out who didn't put there name on something.  Last Friday I remembered to put my name on the quiz (although I remembered just before I was handing it in).  I wrote "Mr. Combustion Man."  I think I am not going to write my actual name on anything more for the class except maybe the final project (but I will probably add, AKA: Mr. Combustion Man).


  1. lol - Super-Combustion Lump!

  2. Can I just point out that Lump Combustion would be an awesome name!!!