Thursday, November 17, 2011

Multipurpose spoons

In the JetBlue terminal at JFK, they had amazing spoons:
I'm not sure what makes them "multipurpose" since they basically looked like normal plastic spoons:
Notice that the knives, however, are not multipurpose. So, maybe you are only allowed to use the knives for cutting, but you can use the spoons for stirring tea (or coffee!), eating soup (or chili), launching peas (or grapes), as guitar (or banjo) picks, backscratcher...

This was my first time flying JetBlue, and I must say: They have the most amazing planes:
0 mph, parked at the gate, and yet the plane was still at 5 feet of altitude! More incredible, though, was our plane back from Texas:
It reached 420ft while parked at the gate! If they have worked out the secret to antigravity hovering planes, no wonder they can afford to provide multipurpose spoons instead of those cheap single-purpose ones the other airlines have.


  1. I would have assumed that the 5 feet was the height of the sensor. But that doesn't explain the 420.

  2. Maybe altitude here means height above sea level?

    I'll bet the next "advance" you'll see for those multipurpose spoons is to have them certified asbestos free

  3. I think they are actually propping up the airplanes with the spoons.

  4. Hey, altitude is normally measured "above sea level". Could that be the explanation?

  5. Avi and Anonymous: I think you might be right. JFK airport is practically underwater, and Austin has an elevation of 483ft.