Sunday, January 22, 2012

Why you should skip expensive wine

A friend of mine (A. Green) held a small wine tasting event where the guests guessed the price of each wine as they tasted them. She bought the wines and arranged the tastings but did not guess. The participants were pretty educated, but not wine experts. I did not participate, and there were no plans to graph the results until I discovered the data so hopefully these are completely unbiased.

Creative Commons photo by Dalem

Below we see that there is no correlation between the actual cost of the bottle and the price that it tastes. The conclusion? Save your money and don't buy wine over $15!

In case you are curious, below you can see all the data points.

Thanks to alert blog-previewer Eli we have the following relevant links about how the price of the wine can actually change how good it tastes for you.

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  1. The price bias might apply to violins, too. Course, the three new violins costed 100 grand, so let's not get carried away.