Friday, January 13, 2012


Prepare to be amazed by a blast from the past.  I took a welding class about 3-4 years ago.  That's right this blog post has literally been years in the making!  The class was offered by a local vocational school and was geared as adult continued education.  I learned arc weld, MIG weld, brazing, and how to cut steel with an oxyacetylene torch.
 This was my basic welding setup.  I had an auto-darkening helmet, this meant that when I struck an arc the goggles immediately darkened so I wasn't blinded, but when I wasn't welding I would be able to see what I was doing.  Additionally, I am wearing a welding coat, its treated cotton.  Also, thick leather gloves.  On the right is a wire brush for cleaning up welds and on the left is a welding hammer, its to clear off slag.

This is my brazing and oxyacetylene cutting getup.  Same shirt and and gloves but wearing brazing goggles.  On the theme of a long time coming, I was clearly way ahead of the times.  Watch out guys, we're dealing with a badass over here.


  1. Let me also add that those gloves (actually, a second not-used-for-welding pair) make excellent oven mitts.

  2. Looks so cool! Especially for the helmet.

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