Monday, January 09, 2012

Master of Engineering Part 2

Yesterday I posted about my getting my Master of Engineering Degree.  I showed you a bunch of the design work that I did.  Here is some of the construction that I did.

 This is my setup to cast the rubber sealer head out of urethane rubber.  In the bottom right is the mold that I printed using FDM, above it is a spray can that holds a silicon release agent that I sprayed into the mold, to the immediate left of that is the hardener that hardens the urethane which is in the tin in the center.  The scale I used to ensure that I had the correct ratios of the urethane and the hardener.

 Here is the urethane cast into the mold.

 This is the partially constructed sealer.  The urethane hadn't hardened yet (it took a week) and I had not threaded the other three posts yet.  You can see the load cell in place.  I don't have a lot of pictures of the construction because when you are machining things to a few thousandths of an inch precision you can't really be thinking about getting pictures of it.  Plus my hands tended to be covered with cutting fluid, so I really didn't want to be grabbing for my camera all the time.

 This is the completed product during testing (about 1:30 AM on a Sunday if you where interested).  For the testing I just pressed down with the device on a slab of concrete and had a friend operate a valve with a pressure gauge on it.

Here it is tipped on its side so you can see it in all its glory, minus the counterbored holes on the bottom that I didn't have time to do.

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