Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cell phone tower camouflage

The ridiculousness of cell phone tower camouflage is well known. See, for example, Keeping Up With The Parental Units or this excellent gallery. Today, I noticed a different sort of camouflage:
They tried painting the cell phone antenna to look like the brick behind it:
At the end of the day, this still looks ridiculous. At a certain point they should just embrace the antennas as is, and stop trying to hide it.


  1. I dunno, I think we could use a whole lot more of these:
    And not just in Texas, either!

    1. that almost looks real! it helps that the actual cactus look like cartoons to start with

  2. Actually, the tree on the Keeping Up With The Parental Units link is a REAL tree pretending to be a cell phone tower.

    An example of Life imitating Art.

  3. It might help if the shade and hue of red actually matched the building.