Saturday, February 27, 2016

Things that naturally look photoshopped – photoshopped to look less photoshopped.

Usually on the blog we like to call out photos that are badly - photoshopped, or things that look photoshoped, but aren't photoshopped at all. But now we have a whole new category:
Things that naturally look photoshopped, and then photoshopped to look less photoshopped.

The ad looks pretty similar to these photos of an f-18 Hornit (and other flying vehicles) travelling near the speed of sound. These kinds of pictures look totally fake the observer uneducated about shock-waves, so it appears that the Navy photoshopped an (f-18?) awkwardly escaping a random smoke puff instead of using a real image.
[update from alert reader/blogger/aerospace engineer Aryeh: the shock-waves here are part of a Prandtl–Meyer_expansion_fan, and the actual plane needs only be near to, not faster than the speed of sound]

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