Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Lets Complain

On March 20th 2006 the Family Circus comic strip published this comic.

Now this is an outrage against anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of science. The plants don't absorb the green light; they absorb the red and blue light and reflect the green light. For this we must complain to the writers of the Family Circus strip Jeff and Bill Keane, their email is 2familycircus@cox.net. We should also complain to all the newspapers that publish this horrible comic, not only do they make up science facts they also dress like they are in the 1940.


  1. well i think he was reffering to The green light like the "go" and grow signal...but I agree it is scientifically inaccurate and should be corrected. Also family circus has been around for a relly long time, that comic could be really really old. In any case I hope to see a family circus next week that depics electromagnetic specra in their true colors.(horrible pun intended)

  2. I think the intent of the "green light" was to give the plant permission to being the growth process.

    Of course, this brings up a much greater question.

    Who determined (and for extra credit..When) that the colour green means "go" whilst the colour red means "stop"?

    Are plants green because they always want to "go"??

    Is this another conspiracy that ties into Homeland security??

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  4. Of course we must note that the Homeland Security comment comes from the Canadian who always gets stopped at the border because he looks like a terrorist.

  5. The only conspiricy is what happened to that missing comment. Sure it says it was deleted by the author, but we all know it got renditioned and is eing trotured as we speak. And as for green light as a plant stimulus, I am not a botnist, but let's assume he's wrong there too.

  6. Someone needs to teach that Uncle Sysfrog person how to spell the word "color."

  7. Hey Anonymous person:

    Up here, in the Great White North,
    Colour is spelled the right way!!