Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Spring Break, Lets Party!!!

The other day I was in my local library on their computerized catalog (who said the subject of this post had to have anything to do with the title) searching for books by Terry Pratchett. I found the book I was looking for. When I looked at the location section of the page I discovered the sentence, and I quote, "Standard shelving location." What does this mean? Where in this twisted maze of bookshelves is the standard shelving location for this book? I wandered around looking for this book for hours; until I was so hopelessly lost they had to send the scent hounds out to find me. I never did find the book.

It's Purim today and because of this, I am going to treat you to my families Purim shpiel [pdf].

Also I would like to wish you all a very happy Pi day from all of us at the National Association for the Advancement of Mathematical Constants.

PS - You can now access our blog at http://www.lansey.info/

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  1. Hey don't forget e day. It's coming up soon, 2/71 to be precise. Invite all your friends. Oh and i day is also coming on the square root of negative January, sounds like a blast.