Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Nuclear Pride

Well I am finished with final exams, and now its summer vacation. So I will now talk about something else. In fact when I say I am going to talk about something else I mean something that happened two months ago. Two months ago Eli posted about a neutron howitzer titles Nuclear Physics, what you probably didn’t notice was the top center ad. Now normally Google ads have something to do with what is actually in the most recent post, in this case however I have no idea how they got this particular one.

That’s right Gay Friendly Autos, how did they get this one. Well anyways when I saw this I took a screen shot and decided to blog about it. I cant wait to see what ads I get from this post


  1. So far you got "Torah Friendly Ringtones". Cause Briinnggg Briinnggg is just wrong on so many levels Halachically.

    You sure the ads are content based?

  2. Oh and "Exciting Hardwood Flooring".

    Honey, No more boring linoleum, now we have HARDWOOD.

    Wow that just so exciting. I have to shout it to the whole neighborhood.