Thursday, November 08, 2007


I was recently flipping through a Hebrew-English dictionary and came across the following thing:
For those who can't read Hebrew, the middle word word is actually pronounced haredi (with a gutteral h). So basically, they translate the word by giving its transliteration. How helpful.
(I know, there are other translations as well, but why give the transliteration of only haredi? It's not like haredi is an English word.)


  1. I must raise the alarm as to the anxiety I feel on the topic of devout mustard. I worry every night that some overly pious condiment will break into my house. Beware!!! Beware!!! of haredi condiments, especialy the chrain.

  2. Actually the real question is why they didn't translitate mustard (THe chem lab computers can't type Hebrew for some strange reason) Hardal has more hits than haredi on Googlebattle.