Thursday, October 22, 2009

The new Googleism, Google Suggest

Back in the day googlism was a site which allowed you to find out what google thinks of you, your friends or anything. Now you can use Google suggest (graduated from Google labs).
Just go to and type in a few words and see what comes up:

It shows what people are searching for, what people are really thinking about in America and the English speaking world!

Starting with politics, this goes to show what everyone already knew, most of what is written is slander, with very little positive!

My favorites in the politics category: Republicans are Happier, democrats are destroying america, obama is god, george bush is an alien.

My favorites in the people category: the pope is the Antichrist, Michael Jackson is still alive, Brittney spears is fat, French people are Italian people in a bad mood.

My favorites in the things category: banks are more dangerous than armies, my apartment is infested with koalas . . .
Apparently a lot of people are wondering: Italy is located where and in what continent. The ones wondering in part of what country Italy is, are in for a surprise. I'm glad though that they are at least trying, perhaps they will learn some geography from Google!

Lastly my it is only appropriate to see that people are searching for "Google is going to take over" the world!


  1. Until they manage to get my name right, this needs to go back in beta. I mean who is this Elon Weinstein guy anyway?

  2. I am pleased to report that Google has acknowledged my complaint. My name is now also a suggestion.