Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Graduate Student

Well I just got home from my first day of graduate school (Yes that right, I got into graduate school). I have had one class so far and although the professor insisted that graduate courses are far harder than undergraduate courses he spent most of the class going over coordinate system changes via matrix rotations which are simple. However, there are some positives. I have a mailbox in the department and I am going to get desk space somewhere. But not everything has been fun and games, the university decided that my undergraduate student ID would not longer be sufficient, so they revoked all my swipe access and insisted I come in and get a new one. I went in to get a new one and they didn't even ask if I wanted a new photo they just printed a new one before I knew what happened. So my ID picture still looks like this and to top all that it still says student not graduate student. I did get into graduate school though so not to many complaints. And sorry Eli you don't get to post two in a row.

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