Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Continued Winter Exploits

As I have established in some prior posts, here and here, winter in southern CA isn't all that harsh.  In fact I took a picture of my outside thermometer Monday afternoon.
Just shy of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and about 60% humidity.

I used this nice weather to install a hummingbird feeder, I will keep you updated if I see any hummingbirds (I have seen them on bird of paradise flowers in my area).

Here are some of the plants I have out on my balcony.  In the forefront you can see my strawberries (lots of strawberries in southern CA).  Then I have two rosemary plants, the one in the middle is a ground crawling one designed for ground cover and is currently flowering.

A close up of the rosemary flowers, with a basil plant behind it.


  1. Who's head do they fall on when the wind blows them off your balcony?

  2. It is hard to see, but the big rosemary is tied to the railing. The others don't have a big enough surface area and are bottom heavy so probably will not fall off.

  3. looks really nice Aryeh!