Thursday, April 06, 2006

LanseyBrothers Spam Week! (Part 3/3)

The other day I decided to take a look at my Gmail spam section and a two spam emails caught my eye. One of them had a subject that I will not recount in this blog, but Gmail also displayed the first couple words in the email: "What's up Sigismundus." I was pretty sure that Sigismundus, aka Zygmunt I the Old, was the fifth ruler of the Jagiellon dynasty of Poland, but to be on the safe side I read the email. It started with a short discussion about statistics which will likewise not be recounted in the blog. However, the stuff that followed was very interesting.

It was a bunch of text, which seemed partially random, but also partially made sense. From the sections of psedu-clarity I suspected that whoever was sending this spam was gathering text from somewhere in Internet Land. After much extensive research (i.e. Google) I have located the original sources. Below is the body of the email, fully {referenced}. The text in [brackets] I added for your legiblity pleasure, and did not appear in the original email:
your mother to get rid of you. She however chose the worst method to get rid of you. If she had {termpapergenie}. normal faults are the cause of the earthquakes at these divergent boundaries.The seafloor sees the {freeforessays}. events, Holden tries to preserve his innocence and the purity of the children around him. Holde[n] {planetpapers}
doubt, that is, a doubt which will be the means of arriving at certitude. This differs from {joyterpin}. [le]tter to the President begging him not to use this terrible weapon. The rest of Einstein's life was dedicated {planetpapers}. [droug]ht and soil erosion, but the effects of man on the environment leading to desertificati {planetpapers}.
So, the dirty underworld of online, poorly-written term-paper databases has a purpose beyond cheating: Spam. It's good to know that at least sometimes evil hangs out in one place. And that's all for Spam Week, folks. To quote the end of the email, "Hope is was of some help, nano."


  1. Wow. That actually is interesting.

  2. the benevolent spammers of the world, just trying to provide a little solace for poor sigismundus whose mothers pick the worst methods to get rid of them.

  3. Hey! i looked at your pics... what's up with those feminine small hats that you wear? What's up with that? still living in previous millennium or what, some sort of cult???