Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Aiplanes and Corrections

In the past I mentioned a club that I was in called the AIAA. In this previous post I talked about how I won a build your own airplane competition. Now the club is building a real airplane, it is a biplane with each wing being just short of 8 feet. I helped build and it is rather cool. Here are the current pictures of the plane.

I must also thank notelon for his informing me of my calculation error in last weeks post. Each student only gets 200 megabytes not 100 gigabytes this changes all the numbers by three orders of magnitudes.

Here is the text of his email telling me this (Colonel Henry is the name they give the answer this email address at Rutgers)

What is the maximum number of megabytes of space available per Eden Account?
Students are allowed a total space of: 200MB
Thank you for emailing Colonel Henry
This is the picture that made me think that Rutgers gave us 100 gigabytes.

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  1. But notice how although there is clearly stuff stored there, it says that 0 bytes are used.