Saturday, April 08, 2006

Googlwhack Probability

I've been writing a math paper on internet search result probabilities and the program I've been using to take data gave me an error. Windows instructed me to "Contact your application publisher for instructions." (see error messages picture). So I gave the amazing programmer Etan Bukiet a call, (with google talk of course) and I must say that he gave me great instructions and now the program works as usual. (Etan asked me to clarify that he is not holding a gun to my head at the time of this post).

The main focus of my paper is the probabilities of GoogleWhacks (english word pairs with 1 google hit). As with all models of the real world some of the data doesn't fit. The word in the below search has exactly 1 hit alone, a goldmine! Pair it with any other word on that page and you've got another googlwhack. This is a very unstable state, any mention of this word anywhere on the internet will totally ruin everything. So check out this search then use caution and then never speak of it again.


  1. Did you know that
    "lansey googlewhacks" is a googlewhack?

    ...or at least, it was before i posted this comment on this blog... i wonder how long it will stay that way?

  2. Oh no! I just realized that once a whack is posted on the whack stack, google now has two hits: the original site and the whack stack. How does this effect affect your data?

  3. Avi - that is good to know. However, I'm pretty sure that neither "lansey" nor "googlewhack" is a word which exists on

    notElon - googlewhack webpage isn't indexed by google.

  4. notelon,
    this does not affect my data

  5. Ah, I see. They only index pages containing expired whacks. I tried searching for one of those and of course I got 2 results. They are much smarter then they first appeared. Except if that is the case, I should have gotten three results: The original Page, the page that invalidated the whack, and Otherwise why did the whack expire?