Sunday, April 02, 2006

LanseyBrothers Spam Week! (Part 1/3)

I got a spam email the other day from Kamel Ben-Salem, a professor at Akamai University. This "University" claims to believe in the "amelioration of major world problems." If there is a greater world problem than email spam I'll eat my hat. Obviously I sent my opinions to some Akamai folks (read the whole spam email and my response here).
The "University" president denied the whole thing:
We are not aware of the Spamming incident you have referred to in your email communication . . .
Kind regards,
Douglass Capogrossi, Ph.D.
Akamai University
"Dr." Ben-Salem was kind enough to reply more creatively, below is his actual response, I kid you not:
Dear Sir lansey,
Thank you very much for your mail. Nevertheless, I don’t agree with you that the publication of the article concerning the “ancient texts” is a crime against humanity. I do not think that asking the researchers about their point of view on my paper should be considered as a spam. According to me contacting researchers is beneficial:
- It lets you have new opinions and critics.
- It lets you exchange ideas about different cultures.
Let me also precise that some colleagues who received my paper through Internet, have made the following remark : the author of the Koran could be an exceptionally intelligent person, referring to the prophet of Islam. But can someone who lived in an epoch (6-7th century A.D.) and a place (Arabia) characterized by obscurantism and ignorance imagine the boiling of seas and oceans? ("(I Swear)Â… By the Canopy Raised High, And by the boiling sea."). No comment!

[The Camel Dr. Rambles on here so I paraphrase:]

Two questions have also often been asked by colleagues who read my paper :
1- Why are astronomical phenomena not described in the Quran with more precision?
2- blah blah . . . ?
The answer to the first question is that the Quran blah blah scientific phenomena blah blah swelling ball.") Quran 81:1), it says in Sura 82, verse 2, blah blah

blah blah, more blah and blah

I wish you good reading.
Yours sincerely,
Kamel Ben Salem
I'm not sure how to reply to this guy but I expect to have some good ideas by the end of spamweek.


  1. Did not Muhaamed say in Sura 31, verse 4, "He who sends email spam will be condemned like a blasphemer, and should he die a martyr's death will recieve only 29 virgins, to atone for wrongdoings, unless of course he is female in which case she gets 0 virgins. Tough luck girls."

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