Thursday, February 08, 2007

How old are you now?

Recently, out of curiosity, I clicked on an ad in GMail which brought me to the "RealAge" calculator. Now, this RealAge calculator thingy is clearly designed for older people, worried about their age. I, however, am not particularly worried about my age. But I figured it would be amusing to try it out and see what it gave me. After filling out a lengthy survey (and telling them about 10 times that, NO, I don't want to get emails from them about how to improve my health) I got the final result! I am . . . 15.8 years old!
While gaining 7.8 years is exciting and all, being 15.8 isn't. At least I can shave now.


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  2. Hey lottajunk, I would be careful about that "spay" business.

  3. I'll bet if your young enough theyle send you right back into the womb.