Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What Happened to all the Holy Water

One year ago (February 26 2006) I became and ordained minister, my official title if I choose to take it would me The Reverend Andrew Lansey. I am legally allowed to perform basically any religious service (excluding circumcision), these include marriages, funerals, and exorcisms. I also realized I can make Holy Water, now the officially definition of Holy Water is water that has been blessed to use in a baptism, I have slightly modified this to water that I have simply decided to declare as being holy water. The plan is to first bless a ton off water and freeze it during a full moon that way all the werewolves slip and fall and break their necks. But to make it even better the Holy water than evaporates and when it rains it will eventually kill all the vampires. This is much faster than running around with silver bullets and stakes. But of course I warn you to beware of unholy water (black ice). The following picture is one I took of my bike on the ground after I crashed after hitting a big piece of black ice.

Also don't forget to contact me for any religious needs (I can even absolve your sins).

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