Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Look Out Below

I have in the past on numerous occasions mentioned the AIAA such as here, here and here, this post will be no exception. Last year I won both the Build your own airplane competitions (as you can see the linked posts I did blog about them). Last Thursday we had yet another build your own airplane competition (I missed the one last semester do to a wedding), because I am the Co-Design Team Leader I could not actual compete so I decided to have a bit of fun. In other words I played around outside of the constraints of such things as rules. Here are all the pictures from the competition that I posted on Facebook. This is a video we found of last years plane actually in motion the person who runs out to get the plane is my friend Sergey. Finaly this is the article that was front page news in The Daily Targum (look for my quote).

This is the picture of the winning plane.
This is my plane, just a little bit bigger than the other ones (just for my wing I used twice the material they got)


  1. My sources tell me Humpty Dumpty (Your Aeroplane) had a great fall, and apparently broke in half.

  2. I would be very intrested in who your source is, and my plane broke in half after around eight flights and it was a mid-air breakup. I knew it was on the way out so I wanted it to go spectacularly so I threw it hard and it fell apart in the air.

  3. now thats a wide plane!
    Anyway, don't forget that I was on that winning team two years ago! (so was a Russian Physics Grad student who worked in Aerospace . . . )