Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Read at Risk of LARGE Amount of Wasted Time

If you are wearing shoes with laces read on at your own risk . . .

So due to a temporary lull in budgeting activities I am discovering some of the breath of website topics currently on the internet. Earlier this week, I was reading a Japanese Castle website, because a co-worker came back from Japan and brought me a tiny model of Nagoya Castle. As a side note check out the Wikipedia article to see how well avodah zora will protect you from fire! Me thinks the concrete will do better to that end.

But this morning I found the mother of all inane websites that is actually fascinating! If you have a LARGE amount of time to waste please make haste to Ian's Shoelace Site. This site is FABULOUS, for the scientifically inclined, it has calculations to estimate the length of your shoelaces, it has artistic methods of lacing and my personal favorite is Ian's Knot. This is a super fast way of tying your shoelaces, possibly making up for some of the hours you spent reading the website and learning the technique. I have spend most of the morning trying it on the strings attached to my skirt and it really works! I can only imagine the effect of this website on someone wearing shoelaces at the time of discovery. Don't say you weren't forewarned!!!

Happy surfing.


  1. Yep, those fish sure prevented a fire.

    "They're Flame Retardant Idols. They're not Fireproof."

    Do knot tell me about that shoe-tying site. I do knot want to hear about it. Knot when I'm really busy.

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  3. Wow. Solutions to problems you never cared about. That's almost as good as problems with things you never thought had problems (e.g. "it's in your kitchen right now, and it could kill you and your whole family - tonight at 11.")

    Anyhow, after surfing enough, I sometimes end up at the end of the Internet. Then I know it's time to stop surfing.

  4. Aglet. That word came up once in Balderdash.

  5. Very impressed at your ability to find Avodah Zarah on Wikipedia.
    But, procrastinating on the internet and you did not ask my expert advice? I did get some experience last year. I will volunteer it anyway:
    1)Reading Wikipedia from A-Z - All sorts of exciting things you can find. Or Wikipedia browsing, namely picking a topic and letting links take you places.
    2)Did you know Australian Women's Weekly has a website with a database of recipes? Need I say more. Kept me busy over last Christmas.
    3)The bbc news website. Updated regularly, although not every 30 seconds which is how oten I checked it.
    4)OS has not dissapointed yet. Why do you need to kow the people?
    5) peurile but really quite entertaining.
    6)If all else fails, there is still the evils of Facebook where procrastination and stalking come together in a frightening frightening way.

  6. there are special rebbe pictures and kabbalistic books that also protect from fire, and (leaving aside the question of whether or not they are avoda zara) i wonder if they are any more effecive.