Thursday, February 22, 2007


Although Washington Heights is sorta part of Harlem, the area we live in is different. It is inhabited mostly by yuppies. One advantage of this, aside from the lack of window-shattering subwoofers on the streets, is that people throw out really nice garbage. Like skis.
We picked up three pairs of skis at the side of the road, figuring we'd sell them on Craiglist. This is the text of the Craiglist posting:
We have three pairs of skis (with bindings!), and one set of poles (you can never have too many poles!) They are in admittedly fair to poor condition, but a low commitment item, great for "emergency backup" skis - for all those times you don't want to ruin your good skis - or for a new abstract art project, or some other devious purpose.
Hopefully we'll get rid of them at an infinite profit, and who knows - perhaps we'll see some exciting new stupid people on skis videos on YouTube soon.


  1. Only you and Stacy would try selling skis as abstract art. We'll see in MOMA (I think that is the abbreviation) shows any interest.

    Now if it was three pairs of poles and one pair of skis it would be worth every penny, but the other way around, I'm not so sure.

  2. Now the real question will be if you sell them in a finite amount of time.