Tuesday, February 13, 2007

LDTMTCFS (Looking Down the Tunnel to Make the Train Come Faster Syndrome)

This weekend me and my parents where invited to Eli, and Stacy’s apartment. My parents drove from where they where and I was forced to take the train. To catch the train that would get me to them a decent amount of time before Shabbat I ran out of my last class on Friday, rushed home, threw my train reading material into my backpack and ran out the door. I bought my ticket and jumped onto the train as the doors where closing. I then spent a fun train ride reading on how to test objects in slow speed wind tunnels, while the other people in the car talked about pointless things. When I got to Penn Station I rushed to the A train subway stations rushed on the platform and was greeted by the following announcement “Due to an incident earlier today there will be no A trains running for at least 15-20 minutes”, immediately people on the platform started looking down the tunnel. As the announcements continued people continued to look down the tunnel as if some how if they all inhaled hard enough at the same time they could create a vacuum in the station and suck the A train out of the tunnel. 25 minutes later I was greeted by the happy announcement “There is now an A train at the 14 St. Station, instantly people where looking down the tunnel to anticipate the train as if they could see the 20 blocks to the 14 St. Station and then be able to see the train coming. They where all silly, the train was packed, and I saw a whole bunch of Dwee subway rats.

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