Monday, July 16, 2007


The picture is slightly unclear so let me tell you what it said (no photoshopping needed) : "Hooters, Kids Eat Free All Day Tuesday". While I am no expert on parenting, business or even photography (see above), it seems to me that this establishment is working off a strange business model. Readers any thoughts?


  1. Stacy, they know moms and dads don't let their kids eat at Hooters' anyway, and certainly not on Tuesdays so it's a gimmick they will never have to make good on.

    Just like the free Frozen Yogurt or Light salad with every Triple Bacon Mega (Feel free to insert additional cholesterol ridden superlatives) Whopper with Mayo at Burger King that I saw an ad for. They know no one's gonna actually eat it, but it might draw in customers.

  2. I believe this is just yet another sign of the downfall of Western society....

  3. As per our blog post, I have done research into this phenomenon. Apparently Hooters reaally IS trying to reach into the women and children markets. They now call themselves "Family Friendly", sponsor Little League Teams, and have a kiidie menu, and have the Free Food Tuesdays. According to Wikipedia they "often gives out balloons to toddler visitors." They apparently also claim Hooters in a great, non-threatening place to take your girlfriend or wife on a date.

    See Here, Here, and Here.

  4. That's YOUR blog post. All I contributed was that spelling error.