Thursday, July 26, 2007

The sideways drilling machine

YU is doing a lot of construction on its uptown Wilf Campus. The most major work is definitely the new building, the first new construction in many years (the exact number slips my mind). Right now they are digging a rather large hole in the ground, almost reminiscent of Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. Note the drilling machine upright and happy in the 1st picture.

Now look at this picture:

Now, although there was really wimpy response to last week's contest, here are the results:
1) Toasted vanilla and sugar - Shampoo.
2) Banana and poppy - Salad dressing.
3) Honey spice - Salad dressing.
4) Coconut lime verbena - Shampoo.
5) Lime peanut - Salad dressing.
6) Black raspberry vanilla - Shampoo.
7) Citrus and papaya - Salad.
8) Cucumber Melon - Shampoo.
9) Berry tea and orange flower - Shampoo.
10) Raspberry walnut - Salad dressing.


  1. ha ha, if it can't be put upright again they should just leave it there and turn it into a boiler.

  2. Those corners are nowhere near neat and square.