Thursday, July 12, 2007

Quantum wormhole elevator

YU recently replaced the elevators in its Pollack Library. The new system has fancy electronics, a nifty animated display and faster cars. All of this is a really (really!) needed upgrade. The one unfortunate thing is that the old elevators were more scientifically advanced.
Unfortunately I never got a video of this (and now it's too late), but the old system had individual lights for each different floor. Something a lot like this:However, in between the 3rd and 4th floors the floor indicator lights turned off for a few seconds (this also happened on the ground-floor display). The only logical conclusion, I believe, is that the elevator jumped through a wormhole to get to the next floor. And if any of you have seen the library's architecture, you'll know why this isn't so surprising.

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  1. I had some experience with design interpretation.

    You can tell by the shape of the Crenellation and Merlons that the architect actually wanted to build a square building, but he drank too much schnapps.