Thursday, July 19, 2007

Shampoo or Salad Dressing

I'll just say it: Women's shampoos are weird.
I'm glad to admit that my shampoo bottle's description of its contents states: "Thoroughly cleanses." To me, that is the idea of shampoo. However, Stacy's shampoos are of a different variety. Apparently, it's not enough for a soap to get oneself clean, it must also contain bizarre ingredients. For example:
Icy pineapple and cotton leaf shampoo? I feel that if I had icy pineapple in my hair I'd want to use shampoo to get it out! And tingling potion?! What is this, Harry Potter? Furthemore, a shampoo leaving me "tingly" because it "cleans deep" does not seem like a good thing to me.

In any case, just for fun, we're going to have another Lansey Brothers' Blog Contest! I'm going to list some shampoo or soap descriptions and also some salad dressing descriptions. In the comments let's hear your votes for which ones you think are soap/shampoo and which ones you think are salad dressings. (And no using Google to cheat!):
1) Toasted vanilla and sugar
2) Banana and poppy
3) Honey spice
4) Coconut lime verbena
5) Lime peanut
6) Black raspberry vanilla
7) Citrus and papaya
8) Cucumber Melon
9) Berry tea and orange flower
10) Raspberry walnut


  1. 1) The vanilla says Shampoo, but who puts sugar in their hair? Unless you literally wanted a beehive? Then again, it can't be a salad dressing either. So shampoo?
    2) Shampoo. Final Answer.
    3) I've seen that salad dressing in the store.
    4) Verbena? Sounds like a kind of poison. I wouldn't put it on salad. So Shampoo?
    5) Salad Dressing. It might work.
    6) Shampoo. Or maybe it's a trick question, and it's really a kind of Ice Cream.
    7) Shampoo or maybe a Fruit salad dressing?
    8) Shampoo — Cucumbers are already in salad. No point in dressing them with more cucumber
    9) Shampoo — Sounds like a perfume. If i had to choose between scenting hair and salad, I'd probably choose hair.
    10) Shampoo! No wait Salad Dressing. Nah Shampoo for sure. But opn second thought...

  2. 1) SD
    2) SD
    3) SP
    4) SP
    5) SD
    6) SD
    7) SP
    8) SP
    9) SP
    10) SD

    I don't think anyone puts nuts in their shampoo,

  3. I’m surprised there is no “Do No Drink” warning on the bottle. The manufacturer is definitely opening itself up to major lawsuits. Does anyone remember the incident a bunch of years ago where lots of people mistook a promotional bottle of lemon dishwashing liquid for lemonade?