Sunday, June 15, 2008

The search for "No Hot Ashes"

Many of you may remember my hobby that is to find garbage cans which say "No Hot Ashes" in different languages all over the world.
While this particular garbage can in Israel does not quite merit inclusion into my geotagged No Hot Ashes flikr pool, it does get an honorable mention. The words on the right side of the front face of this bin says something like "Don't Start Fires Inside" which is slightly different than "No Hot Ashes" which was explicitely stated in French German and Spanish.

Here is a picture from the Newark Airport

And some more pictures below from the flight to Israel:


  1. The "Toronto" airport looks mysteriously like the Newark Airport.

  2. hmm, you have a good point, on second thought that is probably Newark Airport. Very polite in your telling me that by the way, thanks

  3. If it was written in German or French, I would assume there was some kind of translation error, because lighting fires inside the container would be hard to do, particularly if you follow the instructions about closing the lid. But as it is written in עברית, and as I myself can see that is not the case. So we are forced to conclude that the intended language is really not Hebrew, and אין להביר אש במכולה really means something else entirely.

    That or too many people tossed in newly minted checkpoint files followed by incendiary devices.

  4. well in reality they are more worried about fires inside the garbage, because it happens frequently whenever people want something done, or not done. so the israli's need to have no fires, while everyone else just no hot ashes