Sunday, January 21, 2007

Urgent, UFOs and American Stereotypes

So my English friend Alex said he heard that 40% of Americans think they've been abducted by Aliens. I of course say that this is ridiculous and to prove my point I stop the nearest American that I know and ask if he thinks he's been abducted by Aliens. He thinks hard and says that he thought about it before and guesses that he wouldn't know.
Appalled, I ask the next American I see (from phoenix) who thinks hard and then tells us that her brother and mom have seen the phoenix lights then proceeds to describe the 3 bright lights connected by dark rods, with a hollow middle and how the whole thing spins around really fast as it hovers along . . .

She later clarified that she paused before answering because the question was ridiculous, and she thinks that the phoenix lights are a secret US Military operation but nevertheless it looked bleak for American kind,
If there are any Americans out there, please either declare that you haven't been abducted or tell us your story in the comments. (Canadians are welcomed to participate because they are Americans from the Continent of North America). I will then show it to the British chap and then save America's name!


  1. Well this one time I was walking, when suddenly the sky opened, and these two creatures appeared. They tried to grab me, but I ducked. And then I don't really remember what happened, but I found myself on the curb out side a bar. And it was morning, which was weird, cause I thought it was nighttime, and I had this horrible headache. It was the strangest thing.

  2. Hi Jonathan, I must say that most people in South East Asia have dim views about Americans - bible-hugging, gay-bashing Christian evangelists who believe that the earth is a few thousand years old and deny evolution exists. Personally, I think America is a paradox. You've got the smartest scientists but yet so many people are so steeped in their middle-ages' morality. I personally think that extra-terrestrial life exist but I doubt they ever visited earth. Enrico Fermi once pointed out this glaring fact that the failure of ETs to visit earth may be an indication that advanced alien civilizations do not exist.(Fermi's paradox)

  3. Although I personally have never been abducted by aliens, I would like to mention one very strange incident that personally happened to us (me and my Pi) in Nevada, in September 2005, at the intersection of Rt 93 and Rt 375 aka the Extraterrestrial Highway , right in front of us! On the shoulder of the highway, right at the junction, was parked a rather cushy looking tourist bus, TOTALLY EMPTY, with not a tourist or bus driver in sight! And that spot is right in the middle of nowhere, no gift shops or fast food places with bathrooms for the occupants of the bus to be, they certainly hadn’t been at the nearby Ash Spring hot springs(highly recommended!), so we figured the entire busload must have been ABDUCTED BY ALIENS! Really, there was no other explanation.

  4. I don't know if you guys ever heard of Occam's razor - "All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best one." There are simple scientific explanations to the 'abduction' cases reported by Americans without having to resort to New-Age Mumbo Jumbo. See the BBC article at

    It's interesting to note that in the comments section of the article, all who belive in the abduction cases are American.

  5. Ha! As if people who read this blog wouldn’t have heard of Occam’s razor!

    Anyway, for proof that we are indeed not alone in the universe, I urge you to watch the excellent documentaries: Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET, Star Wars, and Galaxy Quest.

  6. Prof. Daniel, I assume you are new to this blog. Please be advised that almost every reader is or is one degree of separation from a physicist/mathmetician/chemist/biologist, and I think it could safely be said none believe in aliens.

    However, we are also fans of jokes and satire, and use them constantly. I suppose to the newcomer, who misses the humor, it might indeed seem we are endorsing pseudoscience. But keep this in mind, even though it may appear we are raving loonies and uneducated bumpkins, we are not.

  7. We are not alone.
    They have been here.
    I've seen them.
    They Exists.
    The U.S. Government has bodies, ships, and for years has been reverse engineering this technology.
    I used to work for them.