Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Well winter break is over and we are all back in school. I will have very interesting posting times during this semester, on Tuesdays I have class until 8:00 PM. But here I am and here is my post. I am tacking Principles of Economics this semester (its kind of a combination of Macro and Micro), and I have rather an interesting professor. After introducing himself and telling the class how to get to the course website, someone asked him to write the URL on the board and he said No; they asked him why and he told them that he had just told them how to get to the website so he didn’t need to write anything down. He went on to tell the class his policy on make-up exams, which was also NO, not for any reason or anything. Someone asked him what if they where sick, and he replied “Then you’d better be dead”, the kid replied “What if I am dead”, my teacher said “Then I shall require a coroners report or I will fail you”, another student asked “What if I bring you the coroners report”, the reply “Then you aren’t dead and you have a zero”.


  1. It's true. I brought my Coroner's Report in last semester, and the darn professor failed me. Now I have to retake it. As if dying wasn't bad enough.

  2. That final better not be on yom tov.

  3. Oh it will be. Lump's finals always are. He just has rotten luck that way. I mean Rutgers isn't even open on Shabbat, yet any final that does not fall on Pesach invariably falls then. May as well just drop that class now.

    Me, if I get sick even one day, I fail expository writing. I think professors are takin' these absense things too far.