Thursday, January 25, 2007

Fun with the registrar

I recently got this in an email:
Attention Yeshiva College Students:
New Requirement:
Students with 75+ credits (including AP, Israel, Transfer Credit) must declare a major by January 29, 2997.
Well, at least there's no rush.

In other news, I am now an Adjunct Instructor at Yeshiva University. I am teaching two sections of an intermediate lab course (i.e. pre-med physics). This means, among other things, that I am part of the first line of defense against future bad doctors. However, I am also still a student at Yeshiva University. A student who can still register for classes.

So, I tried registering for my class. Unfortunately, I was missing out on a prerequisite. The classes I'm teaching are a second semester intro to physics class, and I did not take the first semester of intro to physics, I took the first semester of general physics (i.e. with calculus). Also, I am currently not taking the second semester of intro to physics lecture, which is co-requisite for my lab, although I did take a second semester of general physics.

So it seemed that I would not be able to register for my own class. However, in these situations, usually all one needs to get in is the professor's signature. Fortunately, I know the professor.

I filled out an "Add/Drop" form, signed that it was OK to take the class, and brought it to the registrar. The nice Russian lady working there was kind enough to override the prerequisite, being that I had the professor's signature.

Behold, from my class schedule:
And from my class roster as an instructor:


  1. Of course this means that you have to pay the $40 lab fee.

    By the way, in Rutgers, the professor, and I believe even the department chair, are unable to override the prerequisite. Only the department secretary can do that, and only if you have an official copy of the transcript showing the prerequisite was actually completed to accompany the request.

  2. so your registered, and its funny, but what was the point. also, are you going to call out your name in the first lecture? sign your own attendance sheet?

  3. I think some fuzzy caterpillars got onto your roster. Or maybe they're internet caterpillars, infecting my computer as speak, crawling across my files, eating holes into my files...Aaaaaahh! Out! Out!

  4. It will be really embarrassing if you don’t get an A.

  5. so your registered, and its funny, but what was the point.

    Someone has ridiculously short term memory problems.