Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ski Trip: The Movie

Scene One: My Bedroom, 4:45 AM
My alarm goes off; I wake up and get ready to go skiing. I drive over to Jimmy’s dorm (the jump off point for the ski trip at around 6:10 (planed meeting time was 6:00). We had decided we where going to leave at 6:30.
6:40: Andrew shows up. Chris was already there because he is in the same dorm as Jimmy. We call Jared, he doesn’t answer we decide to wait until 7:00 then leave without him.
7:00: We leave to go to Hunter Mountain without Jared.
8:30: We get a call from Jared, his alarm didn’t go off he was leaving now to meet us there, I took the call on Jimmy’s phone then put the phone in the center console (beginning of later drama).

Scene Two: Hunter Mountain 9:30 AM
We get to the Mountain and just as we leave the car I realize that I had forgotten my goggles in the car, Jimmy gives me the keys, I accidentally turn on the panic button. I get the goggles then try to find Jimmy to figure out how to turn off the panic. I run into Andrew who also had forgotten something in the car, he figures out how to turn the panic off. He now had the keys (next important drama point)
10:00: We get our skis (my boots hurt my feet killing me, and I couldn’t shut my boots on my calves (they are big from biking)).
10:05: We do a bunny slope; I haven’t skied in over three years so I am just getting back into things.
10:10: Jimmy decided to take me and Andrew down a blue (intermediate slope) mogul on our second run. I can’t stop because I am out of practice and there are too many people. I lost control and started zooming down; I hit a bump and fall, at this point I was probably going 20-30 mph. Both skies fell of, both poles ended up on the ground, my ski goggles got broken and I slid about 20 feet (I can’t remember any of this happening, I remember falling thats it untill I stoped sliding) I had had the breath knocked out of me and it took about a minute before I could breath again and about four minutes before I could breath properly. I go back to easy greens slopes and Jimmy and Andrew go off to other slopes.

Scene Three: Hunter Mountain Ski Lodge 1:00 PM
I meet Jimmy and Andrew for lunch; they tell me Andrew lost the keys. He didn’t have zippered pockets and didn’t tell us, also he had had the keys fall out of his pocket in one fall and didn’t tell us, needless to say the second time he fell and they came out he didn’t see them. We realize that Jimmy’s phone is still in the car and Jared only has his number. We call Sergey to have him give us Jared’s number, Sergey is in a meeting so his phone is off.

Scene Four: Hunter Mountain Parking Lot 4:45-5:00 PM
A Hunter Mountain Employee jimmied the car open (it’s far easier than you would think). We call Jared; he is about 15 minutes onto the NY Turnpike so it doesn’t make sense for him to come back. Jimmy calls his parents; they aren’t willing to drive two and a half hours to get us a key. We can get AAA to tow us 100 miles but they can only take one person.

Lots off time passes with us calling our parents and such, debating whether or not we should try and hotwire the car and other similar solutions.

Scene Five: A Convenience store just outside the Hunter Mountain parking lot 8:45-9:00 PM
We get a cab companies number from Chris’s mother and call to find out how much it costs to take a cab 100 miles, the answer 350 dollars. At this point we start looking for the cameras, and speculating on how this sort of thing doesn’t really happen in real life only in the movies. We also buy some food.
9:00-9:15: We decide that Jimmy should take the tow truck down 100 miles meet his dad then come back for us.
9:15-9:30: We argue about whether that weird light in the middle of the sky and the other weird lights that are moving around are UFO’s until we realize that it is a light at the top of the mountain and a snow groomer.
9:30: The tow truck come, we wish Jimmy good luck.
9:40: Andrew, Chris, and I reach the Hunter Mountain Hotel, where we tell them, that no we don’t have a reservation. We proceed to tell them out story and ask if we can stay in the lobby for a couple of hours, they say yes. They even give us some games to play while we sit barefoot in front of the hotel fire.

Scene Six: Hotel Lobby 11:45 PM
Jimmy gets back, we realize that since the slopes closed we have been at the mountain for longer then the slopes where actual open the whole day. We begin out long drive home. Some of which we for some reason try to sing the theme song to the Phantom of the opera, but I guess when it is 2:00 AM you do kind of have an excuse.

Scene Seven: McDonalds at a highway rest stop 2:30 AM
As Jimmy is getting food and stocking up on caffeine, Sergey calls me, with a question along the lines of “me and Jared are wondering where the hell you guys are” I told him, he said “oh”. We moved on.

We drive some more including a stop at Jimmy’s house.

Scene Eight: Rutgers University 4:00 AM
We drop Andrew and Chris off at there dorms. I drive my mothers van home with Jimmy tailing me. He parks in front of my house so he doesn’t get ticketed for parking at Rutgers. I drive him back.

Scene Nine: Home at last 4:30 AM
I get home 23 hours and 45 minutes after I had woken up. Take a shower and ho to bed.

Scene Ten: Monday 9:00 AM
I wake up after about 3:30 hours of sleep to go to class. I go to class, the rest of the day happens as is the usual thing days do.

Scene Eleven: Tuesday around 2:00 PM
Jimmy calls me just as I get to the van parked in the local park (I bike between the park and Rutgers when I have a car), he wants to know where I am and if I can take him to my house to pick up his car, I of course say yes as I am right there. I pick him up.
Around 2:30: I get to my house; Jimmy realizes he had forgotten the key at Rutgers. We hang out for while until I have to go to my next class. I tell him I will drive him back to my house after my economics class at 8:00.
6:35: Econ is canceled. I try and call Jimmy and can’t get through, I spend some time trying to find him then decide to head home.
7:30: I am at my local drug store buying some cough medication, Jimmy calls his cell phone wasn’t ringing, can I pick him up, and I say I will latter.
Latter: I pick him up and we go to my house Jimmy gets his car.

This is the movie that me and my friends stared in these past couple of days. Our luck even followed those who came in physical contact with us. Jimmy’s father ended up having to work until 3:00 AM, the tow truck driver who towed Jimmy missed out on a $500 tow job that he figured couldn’t possibly happen near there that late at night. So if you are reading this and come in contact with us that Sunday be afraid be very afraid.

This script is Copyrighted January 2007 to Aryeh Lansey all rights reserved (if you want the movie rights to this script we will talk)


  1. More proof that aliens exist!

    And you should have heard the long version of this story!

  2. You do know you DON'T have to mention EVERY detail. I mean there was absolutely no reason to tell me Econ was canceled.

    Anyway, what you should have done is safely left the keys locked in the car. That way you would know where they were and nothing would happen to them.

  3. I agree with notelon. always lock the keys in the car