Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Peaks

As a connesour of American national parks, I went to see the Peaks National Park, in the north midlands of England. I was impressed with the perfect combination of castles and sheep (this one is Peveril Castle with the sheep Simon, Betsy, Snowball . . . ).

We see from this scale model below that the engineers had quite a creative plan to throw off enemy attackers. They brilliantly put the moat inside the castle. I haven't yet understood why it is brilliant to do this but I'm sure that it is.

I was about to fill my canteen here, but then I saw the sign. Not drinking water, phew! Shame though, it looked delicious.


  1. Forgot to mention, no news from Santa yet . . .

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  3. Ahh. The Castle Caerblaeggerhaeven. Historians theoize that the interior moat in combination with the moldy buildings and undrinkable water was designed to make would-be conquerors upset and disgusted with their conquest possibly leading to mass suicide in the aformentioned moat.

  4. Now all we need is a post from Lumpy with pictures of NJ squirrels or Garden State Parkway traffic to round out the Lansey Brothers' World Travelogue.