Sunday, January 28, 2007

Calais Lighthouse Fire Safety

I visited this lovely lighthouse in Calais. They liked to practice English there so when I asked if we were allowed outside on top the lady said slowly:
"You walk up to to door, you open the door, and you walk outside."
To which we replied "Merci."
You can see this lighthouse from Dover England.

It was rather a simple building as you can see from this fire escape and extiguisher diagram. Most of it is a giant sprial staircase.

In case of Emergency though, you can never be too safe, each floor had a helpful sortie sign pointing straight down (I circled them red). I don't think it can get more ridiculous, the only thing burnable on these floors are the plastic exit signs!

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  1. A fire in the lighthouse would show up nicely from at sea at night.