Sunday, May 10, 2009

Don't Buy My Cookbook

Some of you may be familiar with my out of age old Microwave Cookbook from the blog, it is apparently a never ending source of entertainment . . . and not reading the recipies. When googling my name one day I happened upon a curious website that is apparently selling my cookbook for, £48 which is a little over $70. See the product page here.

It is quite interesting to note that this "book" has been "registered" with ISBN: 153773786 and they have no less than 89 in stock! Any thoughts if that is the cover of my book they show there?

It has come up in the past though, when somebody wanted to "order a copy of this cookbook"
My response to this individual is copied below (her real name has bene replaced with Mrs. Person)
Hi Mrs. Person,
It turns out that a digital copy of this cookbook is completely free online 
here. Now if you'd like a hard copy, I would be more than happy to print it out on some nice paper then mail it to you personally, for pretty much the price of a stamp. 
So Mrs. Person, what do you say?
Her response:
Hi Jonathan,    I am afraid I am still a little old fashion, I like to hold books in my hand. So, can you give me the information and cost to get a hard copy. Thanks  Mrs. Person
I was hopefull to make the sale, but in the end she wasn't interested enough to spend the $0.45 I asked for. In afterthought I probably should have just mailed her one considering she is one of my only fans.

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  1. Looks like it's a demo website for Daniel Chiddy:, since the site doesn't really work, it's not such a great demo...
    Maybe you should contact SmallTown Books, find out who the publisher is...