Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Brief History of Time

Recently, when cleaning for Pesach, I came across some old pairs of glasses.  So I thought I'd share a look at my historical eyewear.

These are my current glasses.  The side-shields come off for daily use, but I attach them on occasion when I'm working in some labs or just want to protect my eyes.  I can't seem to find the set that preceded these, but they looked basically the same, just didn't have the clip-on side shields.

I think I wore these glasses for the longest time.  They are made of those "memory metals" and, when bent, just snap back to their original shape.  I used to enjoy showing off how durable they were by twisted them into knots.  Surprisingly, that's not what eventually broke the was a basketball hitting my face (and people wonder why I don't like sports).  After the initial breakage, Yoni jury-rigged a fix: He soldered a piece of a wire shirt hanger (also useful for TV antenna replacement) behind the bridge (I seem to recall that Uncle Sysfrog was there at the time offering moral support - can anyone confirm this?).  This was a nice fix and didn't look nearly as dorky as the twist ties.  But, eventually, that broke and I fixed it without a soldering iron.

This is less exciting, but there was a point when I wore contacts.

I don't know what happened to the original frame that these lenses were in.  I think they might just be an old prescription from the twist-tie set.  In any case, this is another example of Yoni's handiwork.  I don't think I ever wore these regularly, or just kept them as an emergency backup set.

Here's a closer shot of the older frames.


  1. ha ha, love the contact lens section of time!
    And thanks for all the credit you've given me.

  2. Funny, you have the same 'deer in the headlights' look in all of them.