Sunday, May 03, 2009

Internet Search Result Probabilities

Heaps Law and Search Engine Index Size

You may remember me mentioning a future paper in my talk at Google, well my paper is finally out, but I don't think anybody read it. My co-author Bruce Bukiet once said "Math papers are read by an average of 0.5 people" and I think that the average for Quantitative linguistics papers is somewhere around zero people. Not even my own mother read it.

I couldn't find it on Google Scholar until I realized its just ranked so low that you need to be uber-specific to find it here.

You can read the abstract on the Taylor and Frances site here.
You can see all the raw data here.
Or if you are feeling especially sympathetic, you can read the actual paper here! Please please, it would be really nice if somebody took a look at what I wrote and made a nice comment about the material.

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  1. It is total discrimination that you singled out your mother and only your mother for not having read your paper. You will absolutely NOT guilt me into reading it.

    By the way, I did see the movie...