Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Its a Brand New Day

Well in case you have not noticed from any of the pictures of me on the this blog of late, but I am rather overweight. About a month ago my birthday passed, and I was fed up about my weight so I decided it was time to loose weight. To reach this goal I created the Great Falafel Diet, yes you heard right I plan to lose weight by eating tons of falafel. Falafel is a deep fried Middle Eastern dish, however no one said you have to deep fry it. Hence arose the falafel pancake.

The falafel pancake is an eight inch across one half inch thick falafel that is pan fried in about one tablespoon of oil. Believe it or not, but that only contains about 400-500 calories. It is filling, tasty and because of all the spices it suppresses the appetite. Since the end of Passover I have lost more than 15 pounds. I do eat other things as well, but everything in moderation and no sweets, no cakes, and no cookies so pretty much all the things you know you shouldn't eat. I also exercise every morning for about an hour.

An additional thing that is good to eat is healthy soups. The reason I am up and posting now is because I have a pot of lentil soup on the stove cooking. The pot also happens to be an 8 quart pot and it is almost full to the top, but the whole pot is still only around 1400 calories which if your serving size is 2 cups, each serving is only 87.5 calories.

Just because I am dieting, doesn't mean that I cant eat good tasting food. Note in the background is a metal bowl full of chickpeas soaking, for tomorrows falafel batch. There was some amount of difficulty associated with this soup though. My parents are currently up in the Poconos, and my mother took the chefs knife with them. This left me a problem, I needed to dice a ton of vegetables and I did not have the good knife for it. I should have used the food processor, however I decided to do it by hand with a paring knife. This may not mean much to you however here is a bit of a sense of scale here.

With that little knife, I fine diced a parsnip, 6 big stalks of celery, 5 large carrots, and 3 onions. Needless to say it took a while.


  1. Considering you are Ashkenazi, and you started this felafel-lentil diet on Pesach, I think it is no wonder you lost 15 pounds

  2. That falafel pancake looks good!
    And good knife skills.

  3. Wow! 15 pounds already. That is amazing. Keep up the good work. And I love me a good falafel ;)

  4. BTW, the falafel is delicious!