Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Episode Two: The Big Bad Wolf

If you are just coming to this for the first time, please go back one week to read Episode One: The First Little Piggy.
The big bad wolf than said, “I will huff and I will puff and I will blow your house down!” He than did so, and then ate all the little piggys, but don’t worry they weren’t my little piggys they were John's. The first (little piggy)’ went back to Hill Center where they gave him his prerequisite override and told him that if he took it to the registrar they could put him in the right class. The second (little piggy)’ went back to Administrative Services Building One Annex who told him that they couldn’t do anything without a special permission number which he probably couldn’t get because he still had a Z in Calc I. The third (little piggy)’ applied for a special permission number anyways. The fourth (little piggy)’ went back to Engineering Building where his dean put him in his Mechanics-Statics class. He was now taking enough credits to be official a full time student. The fifth (little piggy)’ got the special permission number and took it his prerequisite override, his proof of getting into his class to Administrative Services Building One Annex were they told him no this is The L Office Of The Registrar he had to go across the hall to The B Office Of The Registrar. The sixth (little piggy)’ went across the hall to The B Office Of The Registrar where they put him in his math class. The seventh (little piggy)’ went to his professor for Calc I office hours where he discovered that in fact not only hadn’t he replied to his emails but he also wasn’t there. That is version of the little piggy song, and if you want to know what happened to the last three little piggy primes my response would have to be "there is a next semester".


  1. So, the question is, where is the mystery professor who taught Calc I??

    Did this person ever exist??

    Maybe you never took Calc I and it was just a bad dream.

    Maybe I am just a dream!!!

  2. It's obvious. The professor fled to Cuba when he heard Lump had to retake calc I