Thursday, January 12, 2006

Word of the Day

What does "cakic" mean? What about "kejudcy,""zaqwi" or "qudif?". The truth is, I highly doubt these are words, although they do sound like words that might show up in Balderdash. But I didn't make them up, Blogger did. You know those annoying little word verification things (like the one you get when you, cough cough, comment on this blog)?
Well, in case you are highly bored and like reading random strings of letters in the hope that one of them might be an intelligable message, you only need to follow this link: And then click refresh to your bored heart's content. Think of all the monkeys you are saving from typewriter button-pushing monotony!


  1. vwkbmxhb

    "I'd like to by a vowel"

    cousin a

  2. Haiewaha

    Hawaii has plenty of vowels to sell for a reasonable price. One day shipping.

  3. "kejudcy" is a actually part of the secret code that identifies you as a member of the elite group of the Secret South African Headhunters Society. To be allowed into a meeting, you have to say to the guard at the door: "zaqwi". he asks you: "zaqwi cakic?" and you respond "kejudcy! qudif kejudcy!" and you are allowed in. i'm not sure how all this got leaked to's random string generator, but i guess a few heads will roll over this. Thanks for pointing it out.

    I know all this because... well, umm... a friend, yeah, a friend of mine told me.