Thursday, January 26, 2006


I recently ordered a single 12ft long 2x4 from Home Depot in New York City which I needed delivered to me at YU. Unsure of how to get something that I ordered delivered to a lab, I told them to deliver it to my (10x18 ft) dorm room. Looking out the window of Belfer Hall I saw a very long something leaning against, and, in fact, well over the campus "security" booth. I figured this was most probably my 2x4. Eventually, I made my way to the booth, and verified that it was the Home Depot delivery I was expecting. The delivery guy was very eager to have me sign the delivery confirmation thingy and be on his way.
After the Home Depot guy hurried away, security wasn't about to let me get away so easily -- after all, what did I need such a large piece of lumber for, and in my dorm room, no less? After some explanation, I was able to convince him to let me bring the thing up to the 13th floor lab where I needed it. It is now safely bolted to the ceiling.


  1. Oh I see. You're going to hang a caternary from it, and repeat Yoni/Jonathan's experiment. That explains the ropes.

  2. That old trick! First a small modification to the 13th floor lab, then a new building going up on the YU campus complete with a(60 x 108)dorm room with its own state-of-the-art physics lab and recording studio.

  3. It looks like its being used for a giant version of one of those five-ball-action-reaction-toy-set things. is this what you call "research", eli?