Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Episode One: The First Little Piggy

This is my rendition of the little piggy song based on real life experiences. The first little piggy went online to check his spring semester schedule and discovered that he had been removed from his Calc II and his Mechanics-Statics class. The second little piggy emailed the registrars office, who replied telling him that he had a Z in Calc I, and since Calc I was a prerequisite for Calc II and Mechanics-Statics he had been unregistered. The third little piggy emailed his Calc I professor to find out why he had never told the school what he had gotten in Calc I. The third little piggy never got a response so he emailed his professor again; he still got no response so he emailed him a third time, still no response. The fourth little piggy emailed the dean, who informed the fourth little piggy that in fact he could do nothing. The fifth little piggy went to Hill Center where the math department told him that he had to go through the Registrars office. The sixth little piggy went to Administrative Services Building One Annex where he was told “No that goes through the dean’s office”. The seventh little piggy went to the Engineering Building where the secretary told him that they couldn’t do anything, but to come back on the 16th. The eighth little piggy emailed his dean again, asking why the secretary told him to come back on the 16th when he had talked to her on the 17th. He replied that he had no idea what she was talking about, but that if the little piggy had proof, such as a note from the professor, showing that he had a grade then the dean could put him into any open section of a class. The ninth little piggy went to the deans office where they told him, "It is 12:00, we are closed, come back after lunch;" when he went back after lunch they told him that the dean wasn’t there since he had left at 12:00. The tenth little piggy went to the math department and asked for a special permission number, so that way the dean could put him into a closed out section of his Calc II class, they gave him a sheet of paper with the instruction to apply for a special permission number; he went online to apply, where it told him he needed a prerequisite override, not a special permission number.
Tune in next week: same time, same place, for Episode II...


  1. Just go to the first professor you see and demand a prerequisite override. If he claims you don't deserve one or that, being an english professor, he doesn't have to power to grant you a prequisite override, say you're sorry and walk away.

    Repeat 52 times. After the fortieth, he might just give you your degree right then and there.

    And if he calls security, demand the guard give you a prerequisite override.

    Try Hill 542 for extra effectiveness.

  2. ... and the last little piggy went wee-wee-wee-wee all the way home, where he posted the whole story up on his blog.