Sunday, January 01, 2006

taking resume photos

I have a counter on my website that tells me how people find my site. Most of them come from internet searches and some can be kind of weird. This blog post has nothing at all to do with taking resume photos- but someone out there came to my site after googling the words: taking resume photos

Here are some more funny/random ways people came to it:
Remember, these are actual searches people did, I am not making this up.
Certain searches are questions- I have the answers
And now my favorite:
  • if a pendulum is oscillating slowly what should we do?

    I have no answer for this one, perhaps run away and cry? Clearly they have no clue what a search engine is or what it does. Who is "we" anyway? Perhaps you people out there have a solution for their predicament . . . leave funny comments (subtle hint there)

1 comment:

  1. Two ways:

    1) We should breath a sigh of relief. If that pendulum ossilates at more than 60 metres per second the bomb on board will explode and kill us all. No wait ... wrong movie.

    2) As the royal highness, we should not do anything, as it would be most unbecoming for us to do so. It is for you the subjects with the help of your elected parliment do decide what to do with such a menial issue as this.